The roots of AMB go back to 1979 when Arlington Heights Illinois Firefighter, William E. Andres Jr. decided to start his own private ambulance service. During his years of owning Rescue Eight Paramedic service, his staff excelled at ambulance billing and reimbursement.

That modest beginning grew the business by word of mouth and good reputation. After the sale of his private ambulance service in 1995, the concept of an EMS billing service was born.

AMB began municipal billing operations in 1995 with six clients. We have grown to provide services to over 170 agencies, including:

    • large municipalities
    • fire protection districts
    • volunteer departments
    • private ambulance services of all sizes

Although William E. Andres Jr., has long since retired, his family and previous management staff own and operate the company today. Today AMB proudly employs over 100 staff members.

Our organizational experience dates back to a time when claims were submitted on paper and typed by hand. As the billing process has evolved, so has the technology and staff of AMB.

AMB is committed to providing a state of the art electronic billing service; relying on our highly trained staff, industry experience and robust technological systems.

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Andres Medical Billing, Ltd.
3223 North Wilke Road
Arlington Heights, IL 60004

Toll Free: 800-244-2345
Toll Free Fax: 800-329-5274


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American Ambulance Association

lllinois Association of Fire Protection Districts


lllinois Fire Chiefs Association

lllinois Fire Service Administrative Professionals


Illinois Firefighters Association

Kankakee County Fire Chiefs Association


Kane County Fire Chiefs Association

Lake County Fire Chiefs Association

McHenry County Fire Chiefs

Metropolitan Fire Chiefs Association

Northern Illinois Alliance of Fire Protection Districts


South Suburban Mayors & Managers Association


Southern Wisconsin & Northern Illinois Fire/Rescue Assoc.


Third District Fire Chiefs Association

Wisconsin EMS Association

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